Three Team Building Considerations That Any Company Can Use

Published: 05th April 2011
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Creating team building principles for a company is no easy task, and one of the first steps is to figure out exactly what needs to be done to foster the kind of work environment which will support the vision and mission of the company. There are some considerations that are universal and should be used as a template for any business looking to improve employee relations. From defining problems to implementing programs that will work for you is at the core of effective team building methods, and it's up to you to decide what will be the best options.

First, define the weaknesses that are obvious and those which may be more latent. This is crucial to developing a team building program unique to your company. If communication is a problem, then investigating the source and contributing factors to this concern is an important first step. If employee morale is at issue, then looking at what policies and approaches by management are causing unhappiness and dissatisfaction will give a good point of reference to build upon. This is the time for brainstorming and looking at the big issues and then trying to categorize them into manageable solutions.

Second, team building relies on working together towards a common goal, and management needs to assess their approach on how well they interact with employees and how well they are working to act out the directives that company leaders are interested in achieving. Team building relies on good communication and clearly stated goals, as well as a positive relationship with the vision that management has for the company. Stressing this to employees is not enough because they need to be motivated to do their part in making the company excel in its mission and vision.

Finally, in addition to communication and having a clear mission and vision, a plan of action needs to be developed which is based on positive reinforcement and motivation. Do you have a reward system in place, or perhaps an incentive program that honors and values excellence? Employees can contribute to the success of a company in ways that go well beyond their job descriptions, and giving them a mechanism to shine and have input and ownership can transform morale and their willingness to go above and beyond the call.

Once these fundamental things are identified, then working towards team building requires special skills and a staff with the right personalities to create a positive atmosphere to motivate and encourage their employees to work together for a common goal. Whether it is by introducing events that foster interaction in a fun setting, or creating competitions and contests that give winning teams great rewards, there are limitless ways to start to encourage people to want to work together and share resources.

Team building takes time, effort, money and a commitment from leadership within the organization. It also requires consistency. People will react better when the incentives are positive and based on achievement and growth as well as recognition. These three steps will help start the process that will be foundational to creating the program which will work best for your business.


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